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Paul Anka

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Paul Anka Tickets

A worldwide renowned swing and jazz artist, Paul Anka leaves his audience on the edge of their seats as they listen to his lyrically supreme and smooth voice. Paul Anka tickets still sell out even after his being in show business for more than 50 years! Paul Anka was born in Ottawa, Ontario in 1941 and began his career aged 12 – his talent, impressionism! Paul Anka performances are full and varied; he even performed his own swing version of the Nirvana hit ‘Smells like Teen Spirit’ to the audience’s delight. Paul Anka tickets are reasonably priced given the musical genius the audience gets to see, so if you want a Paul Anka ticket, you need to move pretty fast to get one before everyone else does!

Paul Anka Concert

A trip to a Paul Anka concert is a scarily satisfying experience. All over the world keen music lovers keep watch for the next Paul Anka concert to witness his cool swing in person, it just isn’t the same over MP3. Paul Anka combines ageless true talent with a diverse approach to performing covers of other famous tunes in fantastic smooth jazz style. Paul Anka gives big kudos to the band that travel with him, only the best are chosen to go with him on tour and this much is obvious when he and they perform live together. Tickets for the concert are always extremely scarce, and when they do appear Paul Anka fans clamor to get their ticket in case they sell out too early.

Paul Anka Biography

Although a uniquely traditional but contemporary artist, Paul Anka concerts still achieve great acclaim and swing artists who prefer a unique approach often look to Paul Anka for guidance and inspiration. With his smooth velvety voice, the charisma only the older artists possess, and a passion for his music, Paul Anka represents the epitome of smooth swing as it is today. Covering a multitude of other songs, as well as his famous hits, Paul Anka is a diverse and exciting artist who always brings something new to his devoted and life-long fan base. Anyone who can produce great music as Paul Anka has done for over fifty years must have a certain je nais sais quoi, the something you can’t quite put your finger on – Paul Anka has it.